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AMA rolls out waste segregation programme for secondary schools … distributes 300 waste bins

February 20, 2018

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (A.M.A.) has distributed  300 waste bins to  public Senior High Schools (SHS) and four Special Schools within its jurisdiction to scale up the assembly’s waste segregation project which was piloted  in some selected basic and secondary schools last year.

The distribution of the bins forms part of efforts by the AMA to create a culture of proper waste management by separating plastic  from organic waste in order to make waste a resource and subsequently reduce the amount of waste for landfill sites.

The beneficiary schools are Accra Academy Senior High School,  Achimota Senior High School,Wesley Grammer Senior High School,Ebenezer Secondary Technical school,St. Margaret Senior High School, and Kinbu Secondary Technical School.

The rest are Holy Trinity Cathedral School, Sacred Heart Training Institute, Accra High School, Kaneshie Secondary Technical School , OSU Presby Presec,
Accra Technical Training Center and Accra Wesley Senior High School.

Presenting the waste bins to  the schools at the AMA Head Office in Accra on Monday 19 January , the Chief Executive Officer of AMA, Hon. Mohammed Adjei Sowah,  reiterated that attitudinal change is the way to go as people litter the streets of Accra with impunity, stressing that to actualise the clean city agenda and  make the President’s vision  of making Accra the cleanest city in Africa ,  a reality   the assembly has adopted a four-pronged approach, which focuses on education, enforcement, provision of infrastructure and equipment, and operational strategy.

“Last year, the President made a declaration  to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa by the end of his tenure.  It behooves us as city authority to walk the talk. In pursuit of that we have applied several strategy to arrest the situation of filth in Accra. We have activated our saman saman group and as we speak now last week we organized all the environmental health officers and support them with additional staff to embark on a massive enforcement drive within the ashedu keteke sub metro, tomorrow will be within the OSU clottey sub metro,” he said.

He added that one of the ways to tackle sanitation in Accra is to properly manage waste and that the waste segregation project would help tackle the issue of poor sanitation in the city.

“It’s our upmost believe that waste do not become a wasteful product but a resource or a bye product to serve industries… We can only achieve this aim when we are able to segregate waste from source in order to  seperate the various type of waste generated. As we continue to mix the waste in one bin, it’s difficult for us to segregate it and to get the bye product that we are looking for,” he stressed.

He appealed to the schools  to work closely with the assembly to make the President’s vision a reality as students are the best  to start with,  when one wants to change attitudes in society and  urged them to register with the AMA accredited waste management contractor assigned to their areas.

Hon. Mohammed Adjei Sowah indicated that the AMA has outsourced waste management and waste collection to private companies and urged “residents to register with them.”

He mentioned that Jekora Ventures and Asadu Royal Waste Company Limited  have been assigned to Osu Klottey and Ablekuma North, respectively whiles Liberty Waste is responsible for the waste in Dansoman.

” The Okaikoi South area  , Ayawasu West, and the Abossey Okai enclave have all  been assigned to J Stan Owusu and  Zoom Domestic Services Limited,” he noted adding that   Alliance  Waste has been alocated to  Nima and Abeka areas.

Madam Margaret Frempong-Kore, the Metropolitan Director of Education, Accra, expressed her appreciation to the AMA for the waste bins and commended the Assembly for the project.

” It is a good start because when you start with the child , you can be assured that the future is bright and we will ensure that students properly dispose off the refuse and put compounds are always clean,” she said.

Last modified: February 20, 2018

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