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Defacing the City with Posters and Banners : A.M.A warns religious bodies and corporate institutions

January 29, 2018

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (A.M.A) has warned religious bodies and corporate institutions to desist from defacing the city with billboards, posters and banners or face the law.

According to the A.M.A, the Billboards and signages are causing clutter and congestion at traffic intersections and junctions in the metropolis and have become a nuisance, a threat to public safety.

Mayor of Accra , Mohammed Adjei Sowah, gave the warning on Sunday morning when he led a taskforce comprising of A.M.A and representatives of the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG)to remove all unauthorised billboards , posters and banners , as well as Flagpoles placed on pedestrian walkways along some principal streets of Accra.

The exercise, which began on the Ring Road stretch, is expected to continue to Korle-Bu and its environs.

It follows efforts by the AMA to clear unauthorised structures and hawkers off pavements in the metropolis earlier in January.

The Mayor said the assembly before its decision to declutter the city met all stakeholders in the industry to discuss guidelines to regulate advertising in the city.

Mayor of Accra , Mohammed Adjei Sowah, removing an illegal banner

“We are also concerns about banners . In the city of Accra you see alot of illegally hanged banners especially from tertiary institutions …We are removing it now and to caution them that the law will catch up with them any time it’s reoccurs ,” he said .

He said the new policy direction spells out the permitting process as well as the standards touching of spacing .

He pointed out that the time is always rich to do the right thing hence the exercise.

On his part, the Executive Director of the Advertisers Association of Ghana, Francis Dadzie is hopeful the Advertising Standards Bill will be passed to properly regulate the haphazard manner some billboards are
mounted in the city.

Mr. Dadzie stated that the Advertising Standards Bill is back at the Trades Ministry to be presented to Cabinet because the previous parliament elapsed before it could be passed.

He explained that the bill when passed will help regulate indiscriminate and unlawful posting of fliers and erection of signposts.

Source: AMA (PR Unit)

Last modified: January 29, 2018

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