AMA to climax Wear Ghana ,Eat Ghana Week Celebration with Cooking Competition


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly( AMA) is gearing up to climax its week-long “Wear  Ghana, Eat Ghana” celebration with a thrilling cooking competition at the City Hall. 

The week-long event, aimed at promoting local Ghanaian cuisine, and fashion, witnessed an array of activities showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the country.  

Scheduled to take place at the Kinbu Gardens at the City Hall, the cooking competition promises to be a highlight of the festivities, attracting staff of the Assembly and Market women in the city.  

 Participants will be tasked with showcasing their culinary prowess by preparing traditional Ghanaian dishes ranging from Konkonte; Rice Balls with Peanut butter Soup, Fufu with Goat Light Soup, Waakye with fried fish, Ampesi with Garden Eggs Stew, Red Red with Plantain, Banku with Okro Soup, Akple with Abobitadi and Ga Kenkey with fish and  Pepper,  using locally sourced ingredients after which best performers will be rewarded.  

Speaking about the significance of the event, Hon. Elizabeth K. T. Sackey, Mayor of Accra, expressed her enthusiasm for the culmination of the week-long celebration.

 "The 'Wear Ghana, Eat Ghana' week is not just about celebrating our culture, but also about promoting sustainability and supporting local businesses," she said.  

The "Wear Ghana, Eat Ghana" week celebrations, she said, had been a testament to the vibrancy and resilience of the Ghanaian culture, adding that they served as a reminder of the importance of preserving and celebrating traditions in an ever-changing world. 

The Head of the Culture Department at the AMA, Roberta Racheal Appiah who was impressed with the level of coordination and enthusiasm among staff towards the event said the celebrations were a true testament to the rich Ghanaian cultural heritage and a way to market Ghanaian culture abroad. 

According to her,  the cooking competition was not just a platform to promote local cuisine but an avenue to create opportunities for staff and business participants to showcase their skills and enjoy diversity.  

She urged residents to use the celebrations as a stepping stone to continue supporting and promoting local entrepreneurs, artisans, and producers, indicating that close cooperation was the only way to showcase the best of Accra to the world.