AMA Boss facilitates resolution in Accra Brewery Market redevelopment dispute


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and traders at Accra Brewery Market have agreed to a proposed redevelopment plan to modernise the market through a private partnership agreement. 

The agreement was reached on Tuesday, April 2, at the end of an engagement with the President of the Greater Accra Markets Association, the traditional authority, the leadership of the market, and the AMA to address ongoing tensions surrounding the market's redevelopment.

Highlights of the agreement include the construction of modern stalls and additional sheds while ensuring adequate support for affected traders.

Speaking during the meeting, the Mayor of Accra, Hon Elizabeth Kwatsoe Sackey emphasised the significance of the resolution, stating, "Today's outcome exemplifies the power of dialogue and collaboration in driving inclusive development. By working together, we have overcome challenges and paved the way for progress."

She underscored the AMA's commitment to sustainable urban development and economic growth, adding that the redevelopment of the market was expected to enhance the market's infrastructure, accommodate more traders, improve trading conditions, and contribute to the overall revitalization of the area.

The Mayor asserted that the Assembly would not hesitate to enforce the law to evict any trader who fails to adhere to the agreements reached, to make way for the construction of the proposed stalls.

This she said was to maintain order and expedite the implementation of the redevelopment plan, prioritising the city's developmental objectives.

President of the Greater Accra Markets Association, Hon. Mercy Naa Afrowa Needjan narrated how the traders came to her for help over the decision to be evicted from a piece of land they have been occupying for decades for trading activities and commended the Mayor for the commitment to resolving the issues surrounding the redevelopment of Brewery Market.

A member of the market noted that the assurance of support for displaced traders and the commitment to providing additional sheds during construction were crucial steps towards ensuring a smooth transition.

Present at the meeting were; the Coordinating Director of AMA, Mr, Douglas Annoful, President of the Greater Accra Markets Association, Hon. Mercy Naa Afrowa and members of the association.