PHOTOS: Ongoing desilting of drains in Accra


The desilting of drains in Accra is currently ongoing, as  part of measures to free all chocked drains in the city to improve the flow of rain water during the season and prevent flooding, Chief Executive  Officer of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Mohammed Adjei Sowah  has disclosed. 

The drains being worked on he said  include the South Kaneshie drains, Avenor drains,  Mukose drains , Sukura drains,  Manponse drains , Awudome drains , Osu Klottey drains , Sakaman Drains ,Odaw Channel as well as all tertiary drains in the city ,he said.

He noted that desilting and dredging of the drains were not enough to prevent flooding adding that drastic measures are being taken to end the annual cycle of flooding in the city. 

Among the measures he said include re-engineering the city’s drainage system, to ensure proper mechanization of all drains and free flow of rain water to prevent flooding, dealing with the sanitation challenges to discourage the dumping of waste indiscriminately and into drains, greening and beautification of the city to allow rainwater to easily run off and sip away into the earth.

Mayor Sowah urged residents to be responsible towards the environment stressing that the city can't avoid the floods if residents continue to be irresponsible.