Mayor of Accra launches Inter-School Reading Competition in Accra


The Mayor of Accra, Hon. Elizabeth Kwatsoe Sackey has launched an Inter-School Reading Competition an initiative aimed at encouraging literacy and intellectual development among the youth.

The competition which is the third to be organised by Perbi Cubs is in collaboration with UNESCO as part of activities for the Accra World Book Capital.

The Mayor of Accra expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, emphasizing the pivotal role reading plays in shaping the minds and futures of children.

She "commended Perbi Cubs for the good work being done in the literacy space and for their diligence in executing activities presented to the Accra World Book Capital Secretariat as an official partner." 

"Reading is the cornerstone of education and personal growth. By instilling a passion for reading in our children, we are laying the foundation for a knowledgeable and empowered society," she said during the launching ceremony held at the Ave Maria School in Dansoman.

She said the competition aims to go beyond traditional academic assessments, focusing on cultivating a culture of reading among children in the city. 

She was hopeful the platform would create an opportunity for children to discover the joy of reading and expand their horizons adding that the competition aligns with the city's broader efforts to enhance education and literacy in Accra.

Mayor Sackey emphasized the need for collaboration among all stakeholders to promote reading.

 "Education is a shared responsibility, and by working together, we can create an environment where every child has the opportunity to thrive."

Mrs. Anyele Perbi, CEO of Perbi Cubs said “The inter-school reading quiz is designed to foster a love of reading among children. Our first and second editions featured our partner schools, however, in this edition, Perbi Cubs will extend the quiz beyond its existing community and will include selected public schools which are the Madina Cluster of Schools, Dansoman Cluster Of Schools, La Wireless Cluster of Schools, and public schools under the Accra Metro Directorate.”

She said the reading quiz forms part of the activities lineup in celebrating Accra’s selection as UNESCO’s World Book Capital for 2023. 

The event brought together educators, parents, and local leaders who share a common commitment to nurturing a love for reading among the city's younger generation. 

The Inter-School Reading Competition is open to students from primary and secondary schools across Accra. Participating schools will engage in a series of challenges that not only test their reading comprehension but also promote critical thinking and analytical skills. 

Following the launch of the quiz, there would be a registration period within which schools were expected to sign up to take part in the competition, followed by a month of coaching and warming up, in anticipation of the first rounds of the competition.

 After the coaching, qualifying rounds would be held to shortlist schools and finally in February 2024 which would go live on major TV networks.