Mayor of Accra warns residents against littering, illegal dumping of waste as AMA completes sanitation court


The Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Hon. Elizabeth Sackey, has issued a stern warning to residents in the city to stop littering and dumping refuse into drains or face the full consequences of the law.  

According to her, the Assembly has completed its Sanitation Court and would not hesitate to prosecute and hold individuals accountable for compromising the cleanliness of the city.

The Mayor gave the warning when she paid a working visit to communities around the Salaga Market in Bukom to inspect and assess the level of desilting works carried out over the weekend to mitigate the risks of flooding and its associated health hazards when it rains. 

The Mayor who was not happy with the volumes of solid waste cleared from the drains, emphasised the importance of maintaining cleanliness within the city, particularly in light of ongoing desilting efforts aimed at improving drainage systems and cautioning residents against littering and illegal dumping. 

"Residents must understand the seriousness of their actions... With the completion of the Sanitation Court, those found guilty of littering or illegal dumping will face prosecution. We will not hesitate to hold individuals accountable for compromising the cleanliness of our city, " she said.  

She urged residents to take responsibility for their waste disposal practices, refrain from polluting drains and public spaces in their communities, and adhere to the AMA sanitation bylaws to avoid being implicated in sanitation-related offences.

She used the opportunity to caution residents against mounting concrete slabs on the drains to ensure proper desilting and reiterated the call for cooperation among all citizens in ensuring a cleaner and healthier Accra for generations to come. 

Assembly Member for Nmlitsagonno Electoral Area, Boi Issah Quartey expressed appreciation to the Mayor and her team for spearheading the clean-up exercise, adding that the concerted efforts put forth by the AMA had not only enhanced the cleanliness of their surroundings but also bolstered community pride and unity.

"As the Assembly Member for Nmlitsagonno, I am particularly grateful for the collaborative approach taken by our first female Mayor of Accra and her administration in addressing the pressing issue of waste management... The success of the clean-up exercise serves as a testament to what can be achieved when government officials and community members work hand in hand towards a common goal, " he said.  

"I urge all residents of Mlilitsa Gor noo to remain vigilant in maintaining cleanliness in our community. Let us take ownership of our surroundings and strive to uphold sanitation standards daily. Together, we can build a cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant Mlilitsa Gor noo for current and future generations to enjoy, " he added.  

Community spokesperson, Lartey Ayi Laryea encouraged fellow residents to continue supporting and actively participate in initiatives aimed at promoting cleanliness and environmental conservation. 

"Let us build upon the momentum generated by the recent clean-up exercise and strive to make our community a shining example of cleanliness and civic pride. Together, we can achieve our shared goal of creating a cleaner and more vibrant community for generations to come, " he said.  

Accompanying the Mayor were the coordinating Director of the AMA, Douglas N.K Annoful, Director of Finance, Mr. Abeiku Amissah, Director of Ashiedu Keteke Sub-Metro, Mercy Odoi, Director for Waste Management, and Solomon Noi among others.