AMA Electoral Area Sanitation Challenge: Awudome, Gonten electoral areas lead assessment


The Awudome and Gonten electoral areas in the Okai-Koi South Sub-Metropolitan District have been appraised as the lead electoral areas in the Accra Metropolis with efforts at community sanitation.


The two attained the highest score after an Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) assessment during the first quarter of 2021. 


This was disclosed at the launch of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) Electoral Area Sanitation Challenge, in Accra on Wednesday.


Speaking at the launch Metropolitan Chief Executive of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah explained that the first quarter assessment report on the Challenge revealed that, “the Gonten and Awudome electoral areas scored 57% being the highest whilst Korle Dudor, Amamomo and Kinka scored 37%,38% and 39% respectively representing the lowest."


He pointed out that according to the results based on measurement criteria applied, “no electoral area has attained excellence in environmental management and that Awudome and Gonten were the lead Electoral Areas. 


He said the performance of communities were based on four thematic areas derived from the National Environmental Sanitation Policy, Accra Metropolitan Assembly Bye-Laws and the Accra Climate Action Plan namely waste management, public health and safety, innovation in environmental sanitation and community-initiated programmes and projects. 


 AMA boss pointed out that  weighed score for each criterion and parameter used for the assessment depended on the impact on the environment and public health, numbers of people exposed to possible risk from defect and ease of remedy adding that "the higher the score, the better the performance." 


He noted the purpose of the AMA Electoral Area Sanitation Challenge was to establish the status of environmental sanitation in electoral areas quarterly, create a sanitation database for decision making, facilitate investment in sanitation, focus remedial measures, promote local ownership of environmental sanitation issues as well as incentivize community initiatives on sanitation management. 


He said the initiative aimed to stimulate and reward community participation and ownership of innovative schemes to improve environmental health and sanitation in the city, adding that the Clean Accra Agenda is a journey and not an event.


" The Clean Accra Agenda is a journey and not an event...As part of efforts to make the city clean, many interventions had been put in place, some of which have led to a cholera-free city since 2017...Today we have a compost plant in Accra recycling 400 tons of waste daily," he said.