AMA boss directs transport terminal at Kaneshie to provide rubbish disposal bins


The Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah, has directed all transport owners operating at the Kaneshie to Takoradi, Cape Coast and Tarkwa Ford station close to the Kaneshie market to provide rubbish disposal bins or receptacles for their passengers. 



This according to him  would not only help curb littering in the area but also go a long way to complement efforts towards achieving a clean city. 



Mayor Sowah gave the directive on Friday when he paid a working visit to some bus terminals, markets and central container sites in the city as part of efforts targeted at achieving a clean Accra and the implementation of COVID-19 safety protocols.  

He was accompanied by officials from the assembly and Zoomlion Ghana Limited.


" All the transport terminals operating here should make it a point to provide 240 litter bins as a matter of urgency to prevent the dumping of litters on the ground," he said adding that the Assembly would assign sanitation officers to lift the bins as and when they get full


At the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, the Mayor expressed his displeasure towards the lack of urgency exhibited by managers of the OA terminal towards sanitation and the safety of their clients during this COVID period and cautioned managers to put in place measures to ensure that their frontage was kept tidy as well as improve on the COVID-19 safety protocols.


" Private transport terminals must do well to augment their sanitation workforce to guarantee the continuous sweeping or tidying of their place of operation.


He reiterated that sanitation was a shared responsibility and urged residents as well as commuters to the city not to litter. 


" It is a collective responsibility to ensure the city is clean. Everyone has a responsibility; you cannot empty sachet water and drop it on the ground... When we went to Nima, we realized that our people had already swept there and by 5:30 am the whole market and the streets were clean. But by 7:30 am when we got there, we saw fresh sachet waters littered on the streets and this is not acceptable. We had to compel people to pick the litters, " he said.


" So, we are warning people who come into the city to either trade or buy to be careful and stop littering the streets because we have activated our environmental health bye-laws and anyone caught will be arrested and prosecuted, " he added. 


Some other places the team visited include the Mallam Atta, Nima and Kaneshie markets, Cable and Wireless as well as the Integrated Recycling and Composite plant (IRECOP).