AMA- Assembly members review 2023 budget; allocate GHC 100k for sports development in electoral areas


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has reviewed its 2023 budget, to incorporate a special allocation for sports development across the 20 electoral areas in the metropolis.  

The special allocation totalling Gh¢100,000.00 was approved on Thursday 17th August at the Second Ordinary Meeting of the Assembly.

The review which was welcomed by sports enthusiasts and athletes alike,  signals a renewed focus on promoting and nurturing sporting talent within the city and would ensure the appropriation of GH 5,000 to each of the 20 electoral areas in the metropolis. The allocation underscores the growing recognition of the pivotal role sports play in fostering healthy lifestyles, and community engagement. 

Speaking during the budget review session, Assembly Members highlighted the importance of investing in sports development through, training programs, and events that can contribute to the growth of both professional and amateur athletes which was supported in a motion moved by Hon. Musah Ziyad, Assemblyman for the Amamomo Electoral Area and seconded by Hon. Ibrahim Nii Ankrah for the Kanteseian Electoral Area.  

The Presiding member for the AMA, Hon Alfred Asiedu Adjei who is an advocate for sports development, expressed enthusiasm about the new budget allocation stressing that, "Investing in sports is an investment in the health, well-being, and future of our community." 

"By providing these resources, we're unearthing and nurturing talent and creating a platform for social cohesion and community pride.", he posited.

He said the inclusion of a special budget for sports development across all the 20 electoral areas in the metropolis reflects the Assembly and the Mayor's commitment to facilitating a holistic and inclusive approach to sports within the city.

"By pushing this special arrangement, we aim to create an environment that fosters sporting excellence and cultivates young talents... This special allocation for sports aligns with the Assembly Members' long-term vision to unearth young talents into the game of sports.  

Chairman of the Finance and Administration Sub-Committee, Hon. Emmanuel Clottey in a remark stressed the importance of sports development to the city even though much attention had not been given to it.

He cited a scenario of a community with numerous footballers and athletes among professionals and how they could foster a culture of sports excellence and provide a pathway to provide guidance and training to budding local talents. 

"We can cast our minds back to sports heroes like DK Poison, Azuma Nelson, Asamoah Gyan, Michael Essien,  Thomas Teye Partey and Kudus Mohammed, they add value to not only the economy and neighbourhoods but also help in psyching the youth that if they train well and hard they could be like them... Imagine if we have been able to develop sports well in our communities such that we can produce 10 more Azuma Nelsons in Ghana. Imagine how it will be, look at Asamoah Gyan, imagine we have 5 of his kind in Bukom. You can visualize how that is going to transform the place and the opportunity it will bring to the society.”, he said.  

"If we are able to create the enabling incubating environment it will give the opportunity to the youth to explore their talent and optimise it to the benefit of the nation and their communities in particular," he added.

Assemblyman for the Amamomo Electoral Area, Hon. Musah Ziyad, in a contribution said in the past it was easy to identify one unique sport in every electoral area in Ashiedu Keteke, emphasizing that some communities were noted for boxing whilst others were, some were cited football, table tennis among others.  

The AMA's Composite Budget for 2023 proposed a 14.21 per cent increase in Internally Generating Fund (IGF) and estimates a 37.13, per cent of the total to economic projects, 24.59 to social, 26.29 to administration, 7.84 per cent to environment, and 4.14 for contingency.