A taste of Accra: Freiburg Mayor tours Makola Market; lauds AMA for safeguarding cultural heritage


The Mayor of Freiburg, Martin W.W Horn, has embarked on a tour of the iconic Makola Market in Accra.

The visit aimed to expose the visiting Mayor and his delegation to the Central Business District (CBD) and its vibrant cultural heritage and strengthen international ties.

Mayor Horn and his delegation from Germany were in Accra on a week's visit as part of the sister-city relationship existing between the city of Accra and Freiburg.

Traders at Makola Market, one of Accra's oldest and most bustling markets, welcomed Mayor Horn and his delegation with cheers and joy that encapsulate the essence of Ghanaian culture.

Mayor Horn who was accompanied by AMA officials led by the Mayor of Accra, Hon Elizabeth Sackey, began the tour by exploring the market's labyrinthine alleys, where vendors proudly showcased an array of goods, from vibrant textiles and handmade crafts to exotic spices and fresh produce.

Mayor Horn and his 10-member delegation who were visibly enthralled by the market's vibrancy, engaged local traders and interacted on the rich history and traditions that Makola Market represents whilst taking pictures with them. 

 "It's a privilege to witness this remarkable market, which epitomizes the heart and soul of Accra,” Mayor Horn said.

He expressed satisfaction over Ghanaian culture bordering from; food, clothing, language, and dance and expressed gratitude towards the hospitality accorded him.


He used the opportunity to commend the city authority for its tireless efforts in safeguarding the cultural treasure trove and promoting international cultural exchange.

Mayor Horn's sentiments were echoed by the Mayor of Accra, Hon Elizabeth Sackey who expressed her gratitude for the strong ties between Accra and Freiburg.

"This visit signifies the deep-rooted friendship between our two cities and the value we place on cultural exchange," she stated.

The first female Mayor of the City of Accra was however optimistic that Accra's relationship with Freiburg would go a long way to transform the markets and would boost tourism in Accra.

The Mayor of Freiburg and his delegation also used the opportunity to purchase traditionally woven clothes known as “kente”, local beads and other specialised goods depicting Ghanaian culture.

 The tour concluded with sightseeing of the Kinbu Senior High School wall mural designed by one of Accra's versatile fine artists and founder of the Ghana Graffiti and Mural Fine Artists, Muralist Mohammed Awudu, popularly known as Moh, and his team.