Mayor Sackey visits Agbogbloshie plantain sellers, assesses impact of newly constructed market sheds


The Mayor of Accra, Hon. Elizabeth Kwatsoe Sackey has visited plantain sellers at Agbogbloshie market to inspect and assess the impact of the recently constructed market sheds on their daily operations.                                                                                                  

Accompanied by a delegation from the Assembly made up of the Metro Coordinating Director, Douglas N.K Annoful, Heads of Department, and key stakeholders among others, the Mayor toured the market examining the newly constructed market sheds, safety measures, as well as its overall functionality. 

The Mayor in an interaction with the traders who have been utilizing the newly constructed market sheds emphasized the importance of creating a conducive environment for trading activities in the city.  

The Mayor who was delighted to witness the redevelopment of the plantain market said the project was initiated as part of the Assembly's commitment to create a conducive environment to promote economic activities.  

"The redevelopment of our markets is an integral part of the AMA's larger vision to create thriving economic hubs in the city," she said.  

According to her, high-quality infrastructure provides direct positive impacts, including higher efficiency, increased safety, decreased environmental impact, and more effective delivery of public goods and services.

She added that the economic and socio-cultural importance of markets cannot be overlooked in the city's day-to-day running, hence the need for solutions to curb the challenges faced by the market women.

"Markets are important...They are the mechanism through which products from farmers and wares from businesses are bought and sold... they give businesses access to cash. Markets are critical in price formation, liquidity transformation and allowing firms to service the needs of their clients," she said, adding that "They allow for the efficient allocation of resources."

She reiterated the AMA's commitment to support and uplift local businesses and assured them of efforts to improve market conditions.  

The traders in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and appreciation expressed gratitude to the Mayor for listening to their plight, emphasising how the new sheds had positively influenced their businesses.  

The new market sheds they noted contribute to a more hygienic and orderly market and elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of the area.