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Accra, Bissau to establish sister city relation


The President of the Bissau City Council in Guinea, José Medina Lobato, has paid a courtesy call on the Mayor of Accra, Hon. Elizabeth Kwatsoe Sackey to foster diplomatic ties between the two capital cities. 

Speaking during the meeting, Lobato stated that the purpose of his visit was to initiate a formal relationship between Accra and Bissau, emphasising their shared roles as capital cities of Ghana and Guinea, respectively.

He expressed the desire to establish sister-city relations, with plans to send a delegation from Accra to Bissau in June to sign a bilateral agreement.

Lobato highlighted the significance of this proposed agreement, noting that it would mark the first sister city agreement between an Anglophone and a Lusophone country and stressed the importance of transcending linguistic boundaries, especially given Bissau's geographical proximity to francophone countries.

In addition to the diplomatic endeavours, Lobato emphasised the economic aspect of the relationship, stating that Bissau aims to attract investments from companies and entrepreneurs across various sectors. 

He highlighted the potential for mutual growth through business collaborations and product exhibitions and expressed keen interest in learning from Accra's best practices in waste management, indicating a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Mayor of Accra, who warmly welcomed the delegation from Guinea, expressed enthusiasm for the prospect of establishing sister-city relations between Accra and Bissau, noting the importance of fostering ties between capital cities. 

She highlighted the potential for collaboration in various areas, including trade, investment, and cultural exchange, and assured President Lobato of Accra's commitment to supporting Bissau's development initiatives.

She pointed out that the proposed bilateral agreement, would not only strengthen the relationship between the two cities but also promote regional integration and cooperation and reiterated Accra's readiness to send a delegation to Bissau in June to formalise the agreement and explore partnership opportunities.

The Mayor also expressed willingness to share Accra's experiences and expertise in waste management, underscoring the importance of sustainable practices for the well-being of both cities and the environment at large.