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AMA engages traders, transport operators, corporate institutions, on implementation of new digital payment system


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) as part of measures to ensure the smooth take-off of its new revenue payment system has engaged stakeholders and the business community in Accra.

The engagement according to the AMA sought to among other things ensure that the new revenue payment system was well understood, supported, and accepted by all stakeholders.

At a meeting on Thursday 7th February at the Apostolic Reform Church of Ghana in Jamestown to educate stakeholders made of transport Union Executives, market leaders, representatives from financial Institutions,  the Ghana Hoteliers Associations, and Pharmaceuticals companies among others,  the Mayor of Accra highlighted the importance of engaging widely on the new digital payment system and incorporate feedback. 

She said the introduction of the new revenue payment system underscores the AMA's commitment to enhancing efficiency and transparency in its revenue collection operations adding that by engaging stakeholders and businesses from the onset, the Assembly aimed to solicit valuable feedback and garner support for the new system.

The new system, she emphasized, is expected to improve accuracy in revenue collection, reduce transaction times, and enhance convenience for ratepayers. Additionally, it will provide better insights into revenue trends.

She noted that the decision to go digital has become vital in reducing revenue leakages and adopting a more technological approach to fee payment to the Assembly.

She mentioned that the engagement aimed to, among other things, give stakeholders a chance to voice their concerns, provide suggestions, and seek clarifications about the implementation of the new payment system.

"The success of the new digitalised pavement system hinges the collaboration with the business community and other stakeholders. Their input is invaluable as we strive to modernize our revenue collection processes," she said.

The President of the Greater Accra Market Association, Mrs. Mercy Naa Afrowa Needjan in a remark during the meeting expressed optimism about the potential benefits it could bring, particularly in terms of reducing bureaucracy and improving the overall business environment in Accra.

"It's great to see the AMA taking this proactive step to modernize its revenue collection system because the current arrangement doesn't guarantee transparency. A more efficient payment system will not only benefit businesses but also contribute to the development of our city," she said.

She emphasized the need to ramp up education about the new payment system to gain support and called on stakeholders to wholeheartedly embrace the initiative.

Mrs Ama Bonsu, a local trader who was excited about the new payment system said she can now sit in the comfort of her home and pay all her Business Operating permit fees among others adding that the new arraignment would save time.

Key topics addressed during the meetings included the technical specifications of the payment system, data security measures, and the timeline for rollout.

The new system, which will be piloted in the Ashiedu Keteke Sub-Metropolitan District, aims to streamline processes, prevent revenue leakages, and enhance efficiency in financial transactions throughout the metropolitan area.

Under the new digitalized system, clients will receive an SMS from AMA through a registered business phone number. The SMS will contain a link to access bills and complete payment through banks, mobile money, or by dialing *222*33# across all networks. Clients can also make payments by scanning a QR code.