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Court fines food vendor for selling contaminated chicken to customer


The La Magistrate Court has sentenced Faustina Naana Eshien, a food vendor at the OA Bus Terminal in Accra, to a fine of GH¢1,200 or in default serve six months in prison for selling contaminated food to a customer endangering public health and safety.

The court also imposed strict probationary conditions on Miss Eshien including mandatory medical screening and food safety training.  

Faustina Naana Eshien was fined after she was found guilty on charges of selling spoiled food for public consumption and failure to obtain a medical health certificate while selling food for public consumption in Accra. 

The case, which had attracted public attention unfolded after Faustina Naana Eshien, a food vendor at the OA Bus Terminal, was arrested following a Facebook post by Obaa Yaa Bediide on the Diaries page about the discovery when she purchased from the vendor who admitted the offence and decided to split the GHC20 cost of the chicken into two citing low patronage.

Speaking to the media after the judgment, the Head of Public Affairs at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly(AMA) expressed appreciation to the Food and Drugs Board (FDA) for the collaboration in the case and was hopeful the outcome of the case would serve as a stark deterrent to food vendors to adhere to strict food safety standards to protect the well-being of their customers.

He emphasized the importance of stringent food safety regulations to protect the well-being of consumers and urged all food vendors and businesses in the area to prioritize food safety and hygiene to prevent similar incidents in the future.

He also stressed that food safety remained a paramount concern to the Assembly and encouraged consumers to report any suspected violations for swift action.