Global Centre on Adaptation to support Accra begin implementation of the Climate Action Plan


The City of Accra has received support from the Global Centre on Adoption (GCA) to undertake one of the key actions outlined in the City’s first Climate Action Plan (CAP).  

The support which was secured through the assistance of the C40 Climate Leadership Group is to help the City undertake its climate risk assessment with a focus on water-related adaptation. 

It is envisaged that the support and capacity development would positively impact the Assembly's ability to update its Central Business District (CBD) local spatial plan. 

The Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Mohammed Adjei Sowah revealed this on Wednesday at the launch of the Accra's CAP in Accra.  

Accra's CAP is a five-year plan that sets the City on a path to carbon neutrality by 2050 as the city's commitment to ensure global temperature rise below 1.5oC (A Paris Agreement Compliant Plan) to be delivered by the end of this year 2020. This plan is in fulfilment of the City's commitment to Deadline 2020. 

The Plan which is the second to be launched on the African continent and compatible with the United Nations 2015 Paris Agreement, prioritises actions on solid waste and wastewater; buildings and industry; transportation; land use and physical planning and seeks to mainstream climate threat into the development processes.

Mohammed Adjei Sowah disclosed that the support was the first important step in the GCA Decade of Action, about accelerating and scaling adaptation in African Cities.

He indicated that "In Land Use and Physical Planning, we will undertake further climate change risk and impacts assessment that will form the basis for updating Accra's Central Business District local spatial plan, prepare and implement a climate-resilient coastal management plan and deploy innovative food production, storage and processing. These would protect vulnerable city dwellers, assets and services against climate change, promote a pedestrianised CBD & covered drains. It will also ensure new developments in transit zones and harmonise waterfront development with coastal protection". 

According to the CEO of the Global Centre on Adaptation, Patrick Verkooijen, “the Global Centre for Adaptation is delighted to be working closely to support Accra in developing climate-resilient urban planning. We hope this lighthouse initiative will be a model which our new regional office in Abidjan can use to accelerate adaptation action to other cities across the continent during our decade of action.”