AMA, Police enforce COVID-19 safety protocols


The Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah has urged traders and commuters in the Central Business District (CBD) to wear nose mask at all times to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the city. 

Mr Adjei Sowah said this on Thursday when he led a team from the Assembly, accompanied by the  Commander of Accra Central Motor Transport and Traffic Department of the Police Service (MTTD),  Assistant Commissioner of  Police (ACP), Martin Ayiih, and the Railways District Police Commander, Deputy  Superintendent of Police (DSP) Emmanuel Ofori Asante, to enforce the safety protocols as directed by the President. 

He explained that the nose masks serve as a barrier that prevents droplets of saliva which may contain the virus from being transmitted.

He also admonished traders to impress upon their customers to wear a mask before selling to them. 

At the CM market, the Mayor cautioned shop owners who allow their trucks to park on the pedestrian walkways to offload goods to desist from the practice and ensure that they do all offloading before 7 am to prevent congestion and vehicular traffic in the city. 

"We want to encourage trading and business activities in the city but not in a way to create congestion. Offloading goods in the city centre after 7 am is not acceptable and if we come tomorrow and the practice still persists then we would have no choice than to clamp your vehicles, " he said.

He also urged the MTTD to support the assembly to prevent pushcart trading activities in the CBD as well as selling on the streets. 

Areas visited include Tudu, Railways, CMB and Kantamanto, among others.