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AMA introduces accredited waste contractors to residents, and stakeholders of Ashiedu Keteke


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has introduced Merskworld Co. Ltd a private waste collection firm to residents and stakeholders in the Ashiedu keteke Sub-Metropolitan District as the accredited waste management service provider to curb illegal dumping and improve overall sanitation standards in the city. 

Selected based on their operational capacity and staff strength, fleet of vehicles and logistics, Merskworld Co. Ltd under the new agreement was obliged to collect waste from households in Korle Dudor, Korle Woko and Amamomo Electoral Areas once a week or enter into a “gentleman’s agreement with households to increase their service days.  

Per the new franchise residents and stakeholders would have the opportunity to assess Merskworld Co. Ltd quarterly to be evaluated through a scorecard to streamline waste collection services, and ensure a systematic and environmentally responsible approach to handling the city's waste.

Merskworld Co. Ltd was introduced to the residents and stakeholders of Ashiedu Keteke on Friday at a stakeholders’ engagement held at the Church of Pentecost, Kantamanto Assembly, in Old Fadama. 

Speaking at the stakeholder's engagement, the Head of Waste Management at the AMA, Mr Solomon Noi urged Assemblymen and Unit Committee members in the communities to assist the accredited waste service providers to register residents and all institutions in their catchment areas to improve sanitation and avoid prosecution. 

"Every household must endeavour to register separately for the collection of waste by accredited waste management service providers and we want to urge all Assemyembers to assist these service providers to cover all residents within their electoral areas, " he said.  

"The introduction of accredited waste contractors is a crucial step towards creating a cleaner and healthier environment for our citizens... By partnering with trusted contractors, we aim to elevate the standard of waste collection services while promoting sustainable waste disposal practices."

He disclosed that the AMA had implemented a feedback mechanism for residents to report any concerns or issues related to waste collection services adding that the approach was expected to foster transparency and accountability among accredited contractors while allowing the Assembly to address any emerging challenges swiftly.

The Director of the Ashiedu Keteke Sub-Metropolitan District,  Mercy Odoi emphasized the need for all residents and institutions within the area to register and support the service providers in the city's quest to promote zero waste.  

She urged residents, traders, and all stakeholders to refrain from entrusting their waste to unauthorized collectors, particularly those referred to as "junkies." 

She expressed optimism that supporting the services of accredited waste service providers would effectively address the problem of indiscriminate waste dumping.

Present at the engagement were representatives of the Kantamanto Used Clothing Association, CMB Market and June 4th Traders Associations, Abgogbloshie market leaders and Petty Traders Association among others.