AMA boss tours schools in Ga Mashie, distributes PPE, urges teachers to educate children on COVID-19 protocols


The Chief Executive of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Mohammed Adjei Sowah has admonished teachers to imbibe in school children the attitude of wearing a nose mask and complying with the  COVID-19  preventive measures after school to curb its spread in the country. 


The Mayor of Accra said this on Monday when he toured schools in  Ga Mashie to distribute Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE) as well as handwashing facilities donated by the  UN-Habitat and to assess the compliance with the  COVID- 19 protocols in the various schools.


"I have noticed that most of these children either pull their mask down or take it off more often when they are out of the school's premises which is not the right thing to do because this exposes them to the virus, hence the need to imbibe in them an attitude of wearing the nose mask at all times and complying with the  COVID-19  preventive measures after school hours to curb its spread in the country," he said.


He urged school authorities to include the teaching of the COVID-19 protocols and the effects of contracting the virus into their daily activities to encourage students to observe them. 


" We know that most of this PPE are reusable, however, it is important to continue supporting the fight against this virus. This is why we are making conscious efforts to provide schools with more PPE  as possible to curb the spread of the virus," he added. 


In a brief interaction with the school children, Mayor Sowah explained how dangerous the new variants of the COVID-19 virus are adding that they spread more easily and quickly than other variants.


"The new virus we are experiencing is using children to transmit to the elderly and is worse than the 2019 one... This is why you must all wear your mask, wash your hands with soap under running water, use alcohol-based hand sanitisers and social distance before, during and after school hours to prevent its spread to others," he said. 


The schools visited include Private Odartey Lamptey Memorial Junior High School (JHS)  Bishop Girls School, Holy Trinity Cathedral Senior Secondary School, St.Mary’s Anglican, John Wesley Methodist JHS, Adedienkpo Primary School and Accra Sempe 1 School.