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COVID-19: AMA, CEMS, Multimedia support Prison Service with 4000 masks


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) in collaboration with the Coalition of Event Managers and Suppliers and the Multimedia Group has donated 4000 nose masks to the Ghana Prison Service to safeguard inmates amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


The nose masks which were mobilised for the vulnerable in society under the Mask4all Initiative, a campaign launched some months ago are to be distributed to the Borstal Institute under the Ghana Prisons Service (GPS).  


Presenting the nose masks on Wednesday at the Headquarters of the Ghana Prison Service in Accra, the Chief Executive of the AMA said it was proven by health experts that wearing of nose masks was the surest way of controlling the spread of the virus and that wherever two or three people were gathered the virus was potentially present hence the initiative to mobilize masks and distribute to vulnerable groups who could not afford it. 


 He emphasised that if all Ghanaians wear their nose masks religiously for the next three months the virus may disappear and urged all citizens to wear theirs.


"As you enter any public space be reminded that the mandatory wearing of a mask is still in the taskforce. We have deployed a task force comprising the military, police as well as public health officers to ensure strict compliance, " he said. 


He mentioned that the AMA was also embarking on a number of initiatives aimed at curbing the spread of the virus, some of which he said was the distribution of handwashing facilities to markets, health facilities, traditional authorities, disinfection public places as well as the adherence to the social distancing protocols among other to help curb the spread of the virus in the city. 


The Mayor also expressed his appreciation to officers of the GPS for their service to the nation. 


 Deputy Director of Prisons (DDP), Samuel Akolbire, commanding officer of Prisons Headquarters expressed his appreciation to the organisers of the Mask4All initiative for their contribution towards safeguarding inmates from contracting the virus and assured that the masks would be put to good use to serve the purpose for which it was presented. 


The spokesperson for the Coalition, Kabutey Ocansey, revealed that through the campaign the team had realised some 15,000 masks which they intend distributing to the vulnerable in society. 


"We have already distributed to Father Campbell and his soup kitchen team at the leprosarium, to the Ghana Department of Social Welfare for onward distribution to orphanages and the Kayayei Association," he added.