New Norwegian organisation to recycle plastic waste into diesel fuel


The Plastic Revolution Foundation, from Norway has announced plans to recycle plastic waste in the city into fuel beginning next year. 

The facility which will run on a pyrolysis technology is expected to convert plastics generated in the city and other parts of the country into smaller molecules which can be used either as fuel or to create new plastic products.  

Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, Erik Solheim , announced this on Friday when a delegation from  the Foundation  called on the  Metropolitan Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Mohammed  Adjei Sowah,  at the City Hall . 

He said the Foundation's decision to establish a plastic to fuel plant in Ghana was premise on the global challenge of plastic pollution in the ocean, as well as the call by the President Nana Akufo-Addo to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa. 

He pointed out that initial feasibility study mapping current waste production, waste management, and the plastic economy  have been undertaken adding that his organization had begun engaging various local stakeholders, including plastic waste pickers and manufacturers in the value chain to ensure regular supply of plastic waste.  

He was hopeful that the project would help deal with the challenges plastic pose to the environment as well as provide job opportunities for people using the circular-economy approach. 

"We intend to set up systems that allow us to collect this plastic and also hire locals who will help pick garbage and deliver it to us. We hope to create many jobs," Solheim said.

Mayor  Sowah welcomed an intervention by the  Foundation and observed the city had begun adopting measures aimed at reusing waste in order to reduce the volumes sent to the  landfill.

He said, the Assembly has taken a decision to support initiatives which would help reduce, reuse and recycle waste hence designating some portions of land along mortuary road for that purpose.