Job Description

Chief Resilience Officer


Department: Administration
Responsible To: The Mayor
Accountable To: The Coordinating Director

Location: AMA Offices
Date Posted: October 8, 2018


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly is one of the 216 local Authorities in Ghana. The City works towards improvement of the quality of life of its people. Accra also provides basic services and facilities in the areas of education, health and sanitation, and fights poverty and injustice. The City delivers relief in emergencies and helps survivors rebuild their lives. Building sustainability and resilience is also a major approach towards development.

In 2014 Accra was selected among over 300 applicants as a member of the 100 Resilient Cities worldwide by the Rockefeller foundation. As a member of the 100 Resilient Cities Network 14, Accra has worked diligently to identify its key vulnerabilities and ensure resilience against the chronic stresses and shocks that it has and will continue to experience. Following an intensive and iterative process, the city is finalizing its Resilience Strategy, which will be implemented in the coming years.

Job Summary

The City of Accra is looking to hire a Chief Resilience Officer who will serve as a key advisor to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, the Mayor and other heads of departments to mainstream resilience in all activities of the city. The Chief Resilience Office (CRO) will report directly to the...

Definition of Work

The Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) will dedicate most of his/her time to the implementation of Accra’s Resilience Strategy and will work  on the development of resilience planning, integration of existing operations & systems, and extension of resilience into community-based activities through the city’s service platform. Additionally, the CRO will incorporate and engage leadership to improve the City’s actions related to:

  • Economic and sustainable business development
  • Energy efficiency
  • Urban transportation and mobility
  • Parks, open space and public health
  • Informality (economy and settlements)
  • Water, sanitation and solid waste management 
  • Civic engagement as pertains to the topics above

The Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) also:

  • Provides leadership and is responsible for the development, implementation, monitoring and measurement of comprehensive resilience initiatives that incorporates resilience into municipal operations and community life.
  • Keeps the City focused on opportunities for balancing equity, economy and the environment in all decision-making. 
  • Serves as the primary spokesperson on resilience.
  • Prepares the Mayor and other staff leadership to make public presentations on issues related to resilience.
  • Provides technical assistance to the municipal staff, the Mayor, and City Council, based on research that analyzes the cost/benefits of multiple options for more resilient practices.
  • Works closely with municipal departments in the development, coordination and administration of resilience policies for the City of Accra, especially acting as a liaison between the planning, development and infrastructure investment functions of government.
  • Fosters relationships and collaboration with partner municipalities, civic society groups, community foundations, senior government staff, elected officials, local businesses, and residents with a goal of improving communication, training and educating stakeholders
  • Secures funding and recommends proper resource allocation to ensure implementation, buy-in, and sustainability of proposed initiatives for increasing Accra’s resilience to shocks and chronic stresses.
  • Establishes citywide resilience programs that includes assessing the impact of practices to the City of Accra.

Required Experience

10-15 Years of experience in international development, public health, urban planning, public administration etc. Applicants should have knowledge and/ or experience in:

  • Key policy areas: environment, urban and regional planning, community development, and economic development
  • Climate change science, principles of energy and environmental management, and economic development
  • Public administration and public policy development
  • Local government planning and development processes 
  • Direct/support systems analysis, strategic planning processes and organization development processes


Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with a Master’s Degree in International development, Urban Planning, Public Health or Public Administration. 

How To Apply

Send your CV to: copying

Email subject should read: "Application for CRO Position".

Deadline: 26th October 2018