AMA intensifies measures to rid pedestrian walkways of traders


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has revealed its plans to intensify the decongestion exercise, starting Wednesday 27th June, 2018 to rid the pedestrian walkways off traders in order to increase mobility within the metropolis.

In view of this, the Assembly has warned traders who display their wares on pedestrian walkways to vacate or risk being prosecuted.

The AMA embarked on a decongestion exercise in January this year and it was revealed that the exercise had reduced the filth in the metropolis by 30% thereby indicating that traders who sell along the pavements and pedestrian walkways produced over 30% of the filth in the city of Accra.

The assembly has already deployed three information vans to announce its new measures which started from the information Centre through the Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Kimbu area, Makola Market, Tema Station, Independence Avenue, Barnes Road, Parliament Junction through the Kojo Thompson Road to the Tudu Traffic Light then to the Central Business District.

The announcement was made in Ga and Twi.

The Assembly’s message to decongest the city attracted mixed reactions from traders and pedestrians, while the traders reacted negatively to the message because they will be the most affected, pedestrians and road users alike commended the Assembly for their efforts to bring sanity onto the streets of Accra.

The women who ply their trade along the pavements of Tema Station were rather mocking the AMA, saying that the Assembly should do better. Others also attached political interpretations to it saying they would not vote for the ruling government again.

Some traders around the kinbu area raised concerns about the yellow line policy, whether it was still in place. The yellow line policy is where the Assembly demarcates part of the pavement for trading activities.

Other traders pleaded with the AMA to allow them ply their trade on the pavement since they could not afford shops in the markets.

Traders who sell in the main markets also commended the Assembly for the exercise, stressing that they hardly get people to buy their goods since buyers prefer to buy from the traders on the pavements.