Accra and Bristol Mayors pledge to deepen cities' ties


Accra and Bristol have pledged to develop stronger ties to drive growth and open up the two cities to new opportunities to the mutual benefits of their people.

The pledge follows a courtesy call by the Lord Mayor of Bristol Councillor Cleo Lake on the Mayor of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah on Wednesday in Accra as part of her visit to the country.

The two leaders resolved to promote the cities' businesses, collaborate in arts and cultural activities as well as, create an alliance between their respective city councils to find different solutions to challenges confronting them among other things.

In his remarks, Mayor of Accra welcomed the commitments and indicated that, local authorities in developed worlds must use their office to strengthen and increase relationship between cities in Africa in order to explore issues that would be mutually beneficial.

"Apart from the fact that the two nations belong to the Commonwealth and share experiences, we think that local authorities must strengthen their relationship to explore issues that will be mutually beneficial to our local Authorities," he said.

He pointed out that the vision of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) is to create a smart, resilient, and sustainable city which will prepare its citizens and systems to withstand such shocks and stresses to grow stronger as a result.

He said the city authority recognises the importance of the creative art industry hence the support to Chalewote Street Art Festival which has been running for past 8 years.

He added that the city supported the festival in the area of security, sanitation, and provision of space as well as the general organization to ensure a successful event.

He noted that the city is working to promote the Bus Rapid Transport System to reduce the number of vehicles coming into the city, to mitigate congestion and promote clean air.

The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Cleo Lake on her part disclosed that her city intends to support artist in Accra to use digital technology to stream their works in order to promote commerce and share experiences.

She assured to build strong historic connection with the city of Accra to promote tourism using digital technologies.