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Building permit



Any person or organization which intends to commence with the construction of a building whether for residential or for other purposes in the Accra Metropolitan Assembly area of jurisdiction must obtain a building permit. This is to ensure, among other things, which the proposed project conform to the building regulations and development control guidelines.

The processes involved are, however, unclear and cumbersome leading to unnecessary delays in obtaining a permit.

This brochure provides specific information on the requirement and procedures which are specific to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to enable the developer obtain a building permit in a timely and efficient manner.

It is intended to serve as a practical guide, with clear and simple procedures to the customer / client and officials of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to enhance transparency and trust in the building permitting system.

Stage 1

Basic Requirement for All Building Developments

Every applicant / developer is required to have the following

·         Building Permit Application Form

·         Town & Country Planning Development Application Form 1

·         Two (2) sets of site plans (one on transparency)

·         Four (4) sets of building fence and block plans (scale not less than 1: 20 or 1:40 or metric equivalent 1:100 and 1:2000)

·         4 set of working drawings

·         Certificate / official letter or search on status of land  (Lands Commission or Land Title Registration)

 Types of Developments

These include Schools, Hotels / Restaurants, Places of Worship, Buildings, Factories, Hospitals, Residential Buildings, Factories, Hospitals, Residential Buildings, Offices, Shops, Underground Structures, Maximum height of Pylons, Car Parks, Amusements Parks and others.

Do I Need To Submit Any Additional Reports

·         Buildings – 3 storey and above (including basement) must have Structural Analysis Report and Geotechnical Report and this applies also to single storey warehouses, industrial buildings, building with wide spans.

 ·         If your development is a multi-storey structure or complex you may have to provide additional reports such as, Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Structural Analysis Report, Fire Service Report, Hydro Report, Geotechnical Report, Traffic Management Report etc.

 ·         You are to contact the Metro Works Department, AMA or the Town and Country Planning Department or consultants for advice and assistance.


Stage 2

Completion of Forms

Complete in full the Building Permit Application Form and the Town & Country Planning Development Planning Application Form 1

Stage 3

Submission of Forms

·         Submit completed Development application & the Building Permit Application forms with all necessary attachments to the Desk Officer at the Town and Country Planning Department (TCPD) any day except Friday.

 ·         On submission you shall be informed of corrections to be made or additions if any. Date for site inspection, the processing fee (obtain an official receipt)

 ·         Pay the processing fee (obtain an official receipt)

 Stage 4


·         Thereafter the Joint Technical Sub-Committee undertakes site inspection with the application (s) / prospective developer (s) on the agreed date.

 ·         Relevant AMA departments and Agencies undertake preliminary assessment of applications and submit report to the Joint Technical Sub – Committee within ten (10) working days


 Stage 5

Final Approval

·         The Accra Metro Planning Committee meets for final approval of application within nine (9) working days after the Joint Technical Sub-Committee evaluation meeting.


·         Applicants notified of decision by the Accra Metro Planning Committee within ten (10) working days of the meeting

Stage 6

Notification of Payment

Application notified when to pay building permit fees:

·         List of names will be posted on the notice boards of the following offices

ü  Head Office AMA

ü  TCPD (near old Passport Office)

ü  Metro Works Department AMA (Near Novotel)

ü  Sub – Metro Offices AMA

·         Or if requested by registered mail to the applicant within fourteen (14) days of site inspection

Stage 7

Payment of Building Permit Fees

Applicant / developer pays building permit fees at the Metro Works Department of the AMA only. The payment receipt is not a building permit certificate.

Note: refusal to make payment within twenty eight (28) working days indicates loss of interest. The process is re-activated when the applicant settles the appropriate bill. Applicants will bear the cost for re – inspection.

Stage 8

Issue of Building Permit & Collection

Applicant collects building permit certificate from the Metro Works Department duly signed by the Metropolitan Engineer within ten (10) working days of receipt of approval list from the Secretary of the Accra Planning Committee provided the applicant has paid the full building permit fee and no anomaly is discovered.


·         Act 462 provides that any unauthorized structure or structures attached to premises shall be demolished or removed on notice by AMA.



·         Any such development shall be considered unauthorized and liable to demolition / removal by AMA.



·         Any applicant who makes a false declaration does so at his/her own risk.




·         It is important to note that the validity of a Building Permit issued in accordance with the above process is five years.


·         Developers are therefore required to seek renewal of Building Permit if development is not complete within five (5) years.