Chief Resilience Officer (CRO)

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  • Chief Resilience Officer (CRO)
City of Accra  

  (Chief Resilience Officer -CRO)  

 Job Description  

 1. Overview 

  Post Title:  Chief Resilience Officer

 Department: Administration

 Responsible To: The Mayor 

Accountable To: The Coordinating Director

 Location:  AMA Offices  

 2. Background

 The Accra Metropolitan Assembly is one of the 216 local Authorities in Ghana. The City works towards improvement of the quality of life of its people. Accra also provides basic services and facilities in the areas of Education, Health and Sanitation and fights poverty and injustice. The City delivers relief in emergencies and helps survivors rebuild their lives. Building sustainability and Resilience is also a major approach towards development. In 2014 Accra was selected among over 300 applicants as a member of the 100 Resilient Cities worldwide by the Rockefeller foundation.  

 3. Job Summary 

The City of Accra is looking to hire a Chief Resilience Officer to provide technical leadership on climate change and resilience. The Chief Resilience Officer will be a key Advisor to the Assembly, the Mayor and other heads of departments to mainstream resilience and sustainability in all activities of the city. He / She will be the primary point of contact for the development and advancement of the city's public health development, urban renewal and build resilient strategies and systems.  

 4. Leadership

-Manage the relationship with 100RC consultant(s), resource providers and local executive staff participating in resilience building programming.

-Serve as the principle point of contact for all 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) programming and administrative activities. 

-Lead the creation of the Accra Resilience Strategy in conjunction with the 100RC process

-Participate and engage in the 100RC network, while creating connections between local networks and 100RC partners.

-Identify opportunities to change institutional behavior, create policies, and develop practices that reduce costly, resource-intensive and inefficient activities 

-Work in conjunction with city departments, local government authorities, civic leadership, and the private sector to create a more efficient, resilient, and prosperous city that reduces its impact on natural and fiscal resources for current and future generations; 

-Engage both internal(city) and external(regional) stakeholders to develop and implement policies and actions to transform the City of Accra into a more sustainable and resilient place

-Lead the advancement and implementation of high economic value, low environmental impact citywide investments, policies and community wide practices.  

 5. General Definition of Work: 

The Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) will dedicate most of his/her time  to the development of resilience planning, integration of existing operations & systems; and extension of resilience into community-based activities through the city's service platform.

-Provides leadership and is responsible for development, implementation, monitoring and measurement of a comprehensive resilience program that incorporates resilience into municipal operations and community life. 

-Keeps the City focused on opportunities for balancing equity, economy and the environment in all decision-making.   

-Serves as the primary spokesperson on resilience.

-Prepares the Mayor and other staff leadership to make public presentations on issues related to resilience. 

-Provides technical assistance to the municipal staff, the Mayor, and City Council, based on research that analyzes the cost benefits of multiple options for more sustainable and resilience practices. 

-Works closely with municipal departments in the development, coordination and administration of sustainability and resilience policies for the City of Accra, especially acting as a liaison between the planning, development and infrastructure investment functions of government. 

-Establishes citywide resilience programs that include assessing the impact of practices to the City of Accra.

   6. Areas of Concentration 

The CRO will incorporate and engage leadership to improve the City's actions related to:

-Economic and sustainable business development 

-Energy consumption and production 

-Parks, open space and public health 

-Materials management

-Air quality 

-Water quality (wastewater, storm-water and water quality) 

-Land use, infrastructure and development 

-Civic engagement on the topics above  

 7. Position Activities:

 Administers staff and budget as required to: 

-Oversee the Resilience team made up officers from the following departments: i. National Disaster and Management Organization (NADMO) rep at the AMA 

ii. Finance Department iii. Health Directorate iv. Metro Public Health v. Waste Department vi. Urban Planner  

-Coordinate and facilitate policies and programs 

-Staff City commissions related to resilience 

-Build and engage professional networks to further resilience 

-Create and maintain program documents    

 8. Leads the planning and implementation of citywide sustainability initiatives 

-Works with department and developers to prioritize system integration in design processes for new construction and renovation   

-Facilitate the development and implementation of the City of Accra's by mainstreaming issues of Resilience and Climate change and establishing the City of Accra as a leader in the field of resilience at the state, regional, national and international level

-Serves as an advisor to the Mayor and City leadership 

-Leads engagement in local, national and international resilience and networks 

-Makes presentations to citizen groups, elected and appointed boards or committees as assigned

-Crafts an organized framework to solve community sustainability and resilience problems  

 9. Directly manages resilience initiatives and programs

-Identifies, recommends and advances implementation of programs and incentives to reduce emissions 

-Advises and responds to elected officials about sustainability issues 

-Leads policy analysis, development and advocacy efforts 

-Resource development for sustainability and resilience projects

-Promotes sustainability within the government and citywide -culture

-Benchmarks and communicates sustainability goals and progress 

-Develops and execute strategies to address issues such as energy efficiency, land use planning, development, resource conservation, materials management, pollution reduction, transportation, and building design 

-Coordinates department agency directors/managers in managing, measuring and monitoring sustainability and resilience initiatives 

-Engages with community, state, federal, other local governments and/or non-government interest groups       

10. Knowledge, skills and abilities:

10-15 Years of sustainability experience in international development,   public health, urban planning, public administration etc.   


-Be passionate and understand current concepts of sustainable development, resilience systems and conservation

-Knowledge of key policy areas: environment, local government, community development, and development 

-Knowledge of climate change science, principles of energy and environmental management, and economic development

-Knowledge of public administration and public policy development,  

 Skills and Responsibilities:

-Direct/support systems analysis, strategic planning processes, organization development processes 

-Produce quality presentations, reports to government officials and stakeholders funding proposals, and internal reports

-Successfully manage operational problems; ability to interpret and apply statutory requirements 

-Effectively analyze and develop programs, policies and initiatives 

-Communicate, listen and use interpersonal skills 

-Effective organizational, administrative, report writing and research skills; skills in time management 

-Manage projects and administer programs and supervise staff, and to coordinate programs with other administrative offices

-Work with shifting priorities and schedules and to adapt to changing project requirements 

-Develop positive relations with other departments and agencies, and elected officials, and to facilitate collaborative planning processes 

-Set priorities and manage several projects simultaneously

-Prepare grants; ability to complete projects on time and within budget 

-Establish and maintain effective working relationships with public sector management, employees, private sector, governmental officials, political heads and the public   

Management capacity: 

-Possess advanced oral and written communication as well as ability to educate, persuade and mobilize resources. 

-Possess planning, budgeting and financial management experience 

-Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work independently   

-Successful candidate will be an innovative individual who identifies the tools and resources needed to stay current in the field 

-Demonstrate strong leadership and innovative thinking -Be a master collaborator who will work effectively in relationship building and garner trust among stakeholders to achieve goals 

-Must work collaboratively develop solutions and implement action plan  

-Be a highly approachable leader 

-Demonstrate problem solving, analytical and management skills   

11. Education and Experience: 

Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with Master's Degree in International development, Urban planning, Public health or Public Administration and minimum of 10-15 years experience in similar position

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