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BIGRS Communications Officer

A Communications Officer is sought to provide media advocacy and media relations assistance to support an integrated, strategic communication approach to help cities create public support for strong road safety policies, programs and measures. 

The Comms Officer will engage journalists, generate media stories, optimize social media, and implement a multi-platform strategy to support cities' efforts. 

They will also support efforts to run social marketing/paid mass media campaigns that are complimented by enforcement strategies.and promote Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety Initiative. (BIGRS)

The candidate selected will be part of the road safety team and will be considered to be part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initaitive for Global Road Safety Initiative. (BIGRS)

Specific duties include:

* Work closely with technical leads and City's Road Safety Initiative Coordinators to align work priorities; 
* Write and help execute strategic communications plans on how to drive and maximize the quality and quantity of media coverage on the City's road safety initiatives;
* Develop and Maintain calendar used to plan for local release of important international road safety reports or developments;
* Write monthly blog posts detailing progress of road safety initiative on the ground;
* Pitch local journalists on relevant news and offer up information sources, thus building relationships with them that can help convene journalist meetings to facilitate conversations around road safety;
* In conjunction with Vital Strategies, organize press events around major BIGRS milestones as well as social marketing campaign launches; write press releases and press notes and assist with translations
* Deliver knowledge and understanding on the media environment in 
* Monitor local news coverage and create a media digest to distribute to various initiative partners;
* Use social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to communicate local progress, disseminate information and follow journalist interest and commentary on various news topics; 
* Collaborate with communications team at Vital Strategies on all media-related matters; and
* Serve as a resource for BIGRS partner organizations to help publicize milestones and relevant news on road safety issues. 
* Act as coordinator and facilitator of social marketing/paid media campaigns, working closely with Vital Stategies team, suppliers including creative agencies and media planners, as needed.

Skills and Qualifications:

* Excellent communication skills 
* At least 5 years experience in communications 
* Academic qualifications -at least Bachelor's level
*Government experience preferred
* Public health experience would be an advantage
* Familiarity with public policy, media relations and advocacy
* Strong writing and editing skills in (local language), as well as ability to produce written media relations materials such as press releases, talking points and fact sheets. 
* Proven capacity to work with colleagues in multidisciplinary or multi-agency setting
* English language proficiency

Structure and location of work: 
* At BIGRS team offices, reporting to Initiative Coordinator
* Line reporting through Initiative Coordinator, and VS coordination program manager but with technical guidance and significant direction from Vital Strategies communications regional and media staff

To apply, please send CV and expression of interest to by 26th August, 2016.

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